Design Consulting

Understanding customer requirements and developing creative solutions that provide superior results.

  Rapid Prototyping

Speed to market with unparalleled design freedom. Our facility creates functional prototypes quickly and cost effectively.

Additive Production

Seamless production of the additive solution in our local independent Additive Manufacturing facility.



We help you..."See and Believe"

Additive Metal Manufacturing, Inc. (AMM), provides 3D printed metal parts.


AMM is a Product Design Consulting, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Metal Production Company founded by Norman Holesh, David Slimowitz and Nigel Southway located in Toronto at 407 and Dufferin, Ontario, Canada.


AMM assists a broad spectrum of manufacturing sectors embrace this new Additive Manufacturing Technology and provides client education and support to cost effectively integrate the Additive Metal Technology into clients’ product designs.


We provide rapid-prototyping and manufacture the Additive Metal product solutions (3D Metal Printing) in our local facility to achieve Product Performance, Costs, Quality and Delivery advantages throughout the entire value stream.


AMM is an independant, local Additive Metal service bureau for this emerging Additive Technology with a no conflict / low barrier to entry for your product applications.


The Key principals have 100 plus years of combined operational experience in the global manufacturing sector and intend to develop world beating collaborative relationships with clients and centres of excellence and learning.


Our full time team can liaise directly with your product development team or your own process or tooling experts and develop a technical learning environment to reduce your learning curve and risk and ensure a successful and competitive early adoption of this new technology.


AMM Launched at CMTS


Press Release

Introducing AMM

Additive Metal Manufacturing Technology

Additive Metal Manufacturing is a new technology that requires a deep understanding of the technology and process constraints.  Additive Metal Manufacturing provides significant product feature advantages through reduced mass, thermal management, reduced process steps, metallurgical integrity, and in certain conditions lower fabrication costs.


How to benefit from Additive Metal Technology

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